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Balkan lynx: The cat whose path we crossed

You know the story of Schrödinger’s cat? A thought experiment in which famous German physicist, Erwin Schrödinger, described how a cat in a box could be in an uncertain predicament. The peculiar ...
24 03, 2021

More than fifty participants on a webinar about capercaillies monitoring

Webinar on the topic of Tetrao urogallus (Capercaillies) monitoring, held on March 10, 2021. is the first in a series of webinars which will be organized within the project “BEAR ...
16 03, 2021

Brief Review of the nationals’ legislation and relevant documents related to species management and monitoring of biodiversity in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro

In order to contribute to the improvement of nature protection in the cross-border areabetween Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as to strengthen the capacity ofnature protection institutions and ...
06 12, 2020

Capacity assessment

Having in mind that protected areas at the local and national level are a cornerstone of biodiversity conservation, while at the same time significantly contributing to the existence of local ...
03 11, 2020

Nature park Piva wildlife – Brown bear cached and marked

As part of the project “Bear in Mind – Bringing environmental actions for the biodiversity protection across the borders” funded by the European Union, for the purpose of telemetry monitoring ...
23 09, 2020

Žabljak – Three-day workshop on mammals monitoring organized

From 30.09. to 02.10.2020. year, the Center for Protection and Research of Birds organized a workshop dedicated to capacity building for monitoring of protected/endangered species of mammals, which was held ...
27 03, 2017