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Fantastic cooperation with the director and emploies of Nature park ”Piva”, achieved through the implementation of the ”Bear in Mind” project, resulted in the procurement and donation of very valuable ...
10 09, 2021

After Borko, another brown bear in MOntenegro captured and tagged

After Borko, who became a local star, known by everyone who lives in the region of the nature park ”Piva”, another bear is on the way to become famous in ...
27 07, 2021

The second workshop on mammals monitoring in Montenegro: Searching for Borko the bear

The beauties of the Nature park ,,Piva” were a real surprise for all participants in the workshop “Strengthening capacities for monitoring of the protected/endangered mammal species in the Nature park ...
09 07, 2021

two rock partridges from national park ”dumitor” closely followed by our ornithologists

Our project team, assisted by hired experts-ornithologists, continues with small scientific feats! On the night between 29th and 30th June 2021, two rock partridges (Alectoris graeca) were caught and tagged ...
09 07, 2021

The workshop on the monitoring of birds in the National Park ,, Durmitor ” – learning about woodpeckers, owls and forest hens

In the period 12.04. to 14.04.2021. the Center for Protection and Research of Birds organized a workshop, in the National park ‘Durmitor’, dedicated to capacity building for monitoring protected / ...
02 06, 2021

The second educational webinar organized – Research of forest owl species on the example of the Tengmalm’s owl

The second educational webinar, this time on the topic Research of forest owl species on the example of the Tengmalm’s owl (Aegolius funereus L.), was held on 31.05.2021. thus continuing ...
02 06, 2021

Meet Nugota: The first capercaillies with GPS/GSM satellite transmitter in Montenegro

In the night between Tuesday and Wednesday 11-12th  May 2021, we received great news from colleagues who were  the field on the Durmitor mountain: with the help of nets, a ...
13 05, 2021

Another brown bear captured and tagged – meet Vranac from Nature park ”Blidinje”

In the framework of the project  ”Bear In Mind – Bringing environmental actions for the biodiversity protection across the borders”, which is funded by the European Union, another individual of ...
12 05, 2021

The second Workshop on mammals monitoring – Learning about telemetry in nature park ”Blidinje”

Association for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development “Naša baština” , in cooperation with the partner organization Ornithological Society “Naše ptice” from Bosnia and Herzegovina, organized the second training out of ...
10 05, 2021